CCC(China Compulsory Certification) certified cable

CCC certification

  • CCC stands for China Compulsory Certification.
  • A mandatory product certification system established to protect consumers and ensure safety in China.
  • CCC certification is required for designated products exported to China.
    Rubber-insulated wire cables and PVC-insulated wire cables with a rated voltage of 450/750V or less are eligible.

Our CCC Certification Support

  • We have obtained CCC certification for vinyl and rubber cables.
  • We have obtained CCC certification for vinyl and rubber, and the types corresponding to IEC standards are marked
    with the "CE Mark" in addition to the "CCC Mark".

CCC certified cable

Classification Rated voltage CCC certified product name IEC standard product name
Vinyl Insulated wire 300V/500V 60227 IEC 06(RV) 60227 IEC 06
450V/750V 60227 IEC 02(RV) 60227 IEC 02
Multicore cable 300V/500V 60227 IEC 75(RVVY) 60227 IEC 75
Shielded multicore cable 300V/500V 60227 IEC 74(RVVYP) 60227 IEC 74
Multicore cable 300V/500V 60227 IEC 10(BVV) 60227 IEC 10
300V/500V BVV
60227 IEC 71c(TVV) 60227 IEC 71c
Shielded multicore cable 300V/500V
60227 IEC 71c(TVV-S) 60227 IEC 71c
Rubber Flat Cord 300V/500V YZB
300V/500V YZWB
Multicore cable 450V/750V 60245 IEC 66(YCW) 60245 IEC 66
450V/750V YCW


  • The above products are designed for fixed applications.
  • When used in locations subjected to repeated bending inside industrial equipment, accidents such as premature wire breakage may occur.
  • If the product is to be used for movable applications, please contact us for a separate design for movable applications.


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